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Lorong Syed Putra Kiri
Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur, 50460

+6013 203 9933 / +6012 521 8855

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Get in on hosting at a unique event space for your company’s next annual gathering. Here’s the laydown on what you’ll need for a swell (and productive!) time at Glasshouse at Seputeh.

Embody and Express Corporate Culture and Values through Your Company Events at Glasshouse at Seputeh

Glasshouse Seputeh

Put your company values in to action with a company event. Whether you are planning for an annual awards ceremony and dinner, a summer picnic, or a holiday party, it can be more than letting loose and having a good time. Gather your employees and create a successful company event that promotes company culture, strengthen teamwork, boost creativity and raise employee morales. 

Award ceremonies celebrates the effort employees put into creating a successful business. A great way to celebrate the successes of individual employees, teams, and the company.

Team building bring together work mates of all levels from different departments at the company. Employees can meet colleagues or customers in person to make real connections. A more relaxed environment sets an effective networking atmosphere where you are at ease to make more meaningful relations.

Setting up in a unique space gives employees a change to think outside the box, promoting creativity. Taking a break from work for a company event allows the team to recharge and get fresh ideas.

Celebrations lead to a boost in employee morales and tie into the company’s culture to keep employees motivated and productive. A productive workforce drives the success of all companies from large organisations to small start-ups. With its versatile layout and transformational ambience, the Glasshouse at Seputeh venue ensures a smooth transition from boardroom and seminars to casual breakout sessions to memorable dinners and even after dinner parties. Glasshouse at Seputeh welcomes you to throw a great corporate event!

A Series of Unconventional Events

Glasshouse Seputeh

It is an on-going trend for businesses in the new age to hone on innovative ideas and offbeat perspectives, that will create fresh excitement in a ‘been there done that’ modern culture. Business event planning has become more bold and inventive from their conceptualization to execution.

As the venue creates a major part of an event experience, there is a rise in the search for a unique space with creative potential and new age possibilities. This means looking beyond your usual halls and in to an unconventional space.

Glasshouse at Seputeh gives you a fresh take on the few common aspects of business event planning, and how you can utilize an uncommon space to your advantage for an extraordinary event.


An unexpected location,

Brings your guests out of the concrete jungle to what feels like a mini escapade in the heart of the city, with no shortage of the amenities provided alike to conventional venues.


A unique floor-plan,

Provides the opportunity to design an immersive surrounding befitting a modern working culture encouraging employees to interact and engage in the itinerary.

Explore the showmanship potential of different themes and subject styling to inspire your attendees.

An angled event space can be utilized to feature breakout rooms with interactive exhibits and entertaining demonstrations.


A big budget assumption,

Budgeting is a delicate balance for most event planning, but less brought to light is the value for your dollar. A non-traditional venue allows you the flexibility to cater to your events preferences and themes. Until you price it out, you might be surprised that being forward thinking might not cost any more than sprucing up a traditional facility. A space without an ‘event package’ could be the out of box solution to jump in on.

Apart from hosting your main event, consider a creative venue for accompanying sessions like receptions and exclusive meetings with high profile clients. Seize the opportunity to position your business as a modern company continuously breaking the mould with impactful messages, information and a novel experience.

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Through the Lens

Glasshouse Seputeh

In the age of instant sharing and browsing, signature features in a venue space can be easily recognized in a frame. As we grow in familiarity, we are constantly on the lookout for different perspectives, on a fresh take that makes us double take on a favorite scene.

Glasshouse at Seputeh welcomes in a diverse range of set ups and decorations, that transform our grounds in to variable themes and moods personal to each celebrant. With variety in displays and engaging itineraries you are not short on feature-rich backdrops for capturing heartfelt moments to fill the albums.

We get some pointers from professionals in the field on creative ways to photograph your signature shot at Glasshouse at Seputeh.

Is there a best time of day to capture beautiful shots?

"There is no ‘perfect timing’. All forms of lighting can be great, subjective to the mood and shoot you would like to create."

180805 Ben_DuoTong-3150-2.jpg


"In the halls the incoming light from tall windows lay a nice natural gleam of brightness on the textured brick walls, which can be a photo-framing element."


"Between 3-5pm there is a mellow cast of sunlight at the lawns, which can be utilized to create back lights or rim lights when taking portraits."


"As dusk approaches, we capture the magic hour after sunset (a dark bluish sky) as the venue glows in a romantic ambience."



"Nighttime, gives us a transition to more moody and cozy shots."

Where are the best angles to shoot from?

"From the main staircase, to capture the wide classic stairway and rustic brick wall decorations."

"At the glass door entrance, play around with height options to capture the excitement within"



"Throughout Glasshouse, there are cornered angles to frame the entire scene and on-going festivities."


"A birds eye view of the garden from higher vantage points."


What type of editing is required?

"Not much editing is required with daytime lighting, you can capture what you see. From a professional point of view, Glasshouse has a little green casting indoors as it is reflected with the glass windows, we can take note on lowering the green casting effect to get a more balanced color output."

"During the nighttime, the highlights and shadow contrast will be high. You can try “HDR mode” while shooting, to retain as much detail in the shot. Other suggestions are to snap the photos slightly under-exposed with some post processing (increase lowlights, reduce highlights). For smart phone users, “Snapseed” is a good option for quick photo editing."

It is also important to seize the moment by snapping action shots of the invitees. Be a pro! and lookout for candid interactions and even slight sincere gestures. Let the picture speak a thousand words.

We hope this inspires you on your next clicking adventure! We want to see your stories, through the lens. Share with us your unique view of Glasshouse at Seputeh.


The Greatest Show

Glasshouse Seputeh

Sound and Lights play a big role in swaying your guests to the beat of your event. Not often do we prioritize audio visual displays when envisioning the styling of a function, but how entranced we are before all else when the doors open, to the perfect glimmer of lighting and music, setting our mood and excitement for the time ahead. 

Glasshouse at Seputeh now presents to you a range of readily available options in-house, to light up your event from reception to after party. A creative indoor garden venue space needs not be short of the high quality AV you would expect of theatres, auditoriums and concert halls. 

GH 20180327193036.jpg

One of the most transformative adornment you can set up in a space is to frame the room with just the right glow of lighting. Perfect for those on a decorative budget too, all you need is ~Let there be light! Creative and effective lighting.

The next sensory experience important for an impactful event, Music! Great sound should not only be the province of large-scale auditoriums, but accessible to all parties at a reasonable price.  Say hello! To our Line Array Audio System. In short (and leaving the more technical explanation to Google), the Line Array Audio System aims to focus the delivery on where it counts; your audiences and not the air or walls surrounding. With column speakers in our Lawn and mounted speakers front and back of our halls, we want your celebration to enjoy high–quality entertainment that is appropriately loud enough and clear enough.

The star of the show, and keeping in theme to our indoor garden signature wall to ceiling glass panelling, we sourced for you the first in town, latest in the market; 

The Transparent P3 LED screen. 

screen GH 20180327183007.jpg

There is no description that could aptly depict this exclusive feature.  We want the view to say it all, so Get in touch with us! To book your slot on our next scheduled AV viewing.

A Unique Dining Experience

Glasshouse Seputeh

Hosting a successful event in Malaysia comes down to an important element; Great Food. Choose the perfect cuisine and you are set to be the talk of the town, leaving guests wanting more and eagerly awaiting your next invitation. 


Giving you full freedom to cater in any feast, Glasshouse offers a versatile floor space to layout a casual party seating or formal black tie affair. 


Sweet & savory bite-sized nibbles to wet the appetite and break the ice.


Suitable for corporate functions and parties that prefer a casual atmosphere and more mobility for guests to roam and mingle. 

Fine Dining

The perfect opportunity to fancy up your ensemble, serving a touch of class to your evening.

Take it up a notch

Roll in a unique experience like Sushi bars! or keep it proudly Malaysian with local food stalls. Not forgetting to always leave room for a generous dessert spread. 


We are spoilt for choice by the many great options to choose from, selecting the right Caterer can be daunting. Here's introducing to you to our frequent partners, readily available to aid you in your selection.

Prime Catering by Shangri-la

Offering five-star dining experience with personalized menus for that exclusive and memorable occasion.

Nathalie Gourmet Studio

Fine Dining Experience with a French Flare.

Named Outstanding Chef of the Year by Time Out Magazine, winner of the Malaysia International Gourmet Festival and trained with the world-famous three Michelin-starred Chef Anne- Sophie Pic


Teaffani Catering

Winner of the LTG Asia & Australia Food Awards 2017. They are customizable and following Halal steps & requirements so that no one misses out on their wonderful meals.

Here at Teaffani Catering we provide delicious, beautiful, and well organised catering services around the Klang Valley area.

WYK Catering

WYK Catering & Canopy Services Sdn Bhd caters a wide selection of Asian style cuisine with functional canopy rental services. WYK’s professionalism extends from home catering services till sit-down table services at weddings and corporate functions. 

HXC Catering

With over 15 years of experience. They offer various services such as seats booking, wedding banquets, association banquets, merit banquets and buffets

Delectable by Su

Delectable came about from a crafty young girl’s passion for creating fancy cakes and yummy sweet treats. Su has come a long way since her blogging days in 2009 and have carried the brand Delectable with her along her life’s new adventures.

Be it a personal or professional occasion; allow us to tempt you with our delicious baking and inspiring ideas. Delectable believes in a premium quality product with custom touches to create something that’ll be one to remember!

A Compilation Of an Amazing 2017 at Glasshouse at Seputeh

Glasshouse Seputeh

As 2017 comes to a close we bid adieu to an eventful year and take a peek back at the myriad of events we have been honoured to be a part of. Each uniquely curated to transform our indoor garden space and functional halls into a symposium of ideas and excitement. Arriving at Glasshouse at Seputeh can seem each time like a mini getaway within the bustling city.

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