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Lorong Syed Putra Kiri
Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur, 50460

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A Series of Unconventional Events


Get in on hosting at a unique event space for your company’s next annual gathering. Here’s the laydown on what you’ll need for a swell (and productive!) time at Glasshouse at Seputeh.

A Series of Unconventional Events

Glasshouse Seputeh

It is an on-going trend for businesses in the new age to hone on innovative ideas and offbeat perspectives, that will create fresh excitement in a ‘been there done that’ modern culture. Business event planning has become more bold and inventive from their conceptualization to execution.

As the venue creates a major part of an event experience, there is a rise in the search for a unique space with creative potential and new age possibilities. This means looking beyond your usual halls and in to an unconventional space.

Glasshouse at Seputeh gives you a fresh take on the few common aspects of business event planning, and how you can utilize an uncommon space to your advantage for an extraordinary event.


An unexpected location,

Brings your guests out of the concrete jungle to what feels like a mini escapade in the heart of the city, with no shortage of the amenities provided alike to conventional venues.


A unique floor-plan,

Provides the opportunity to design an immersive surrounding befitting a modern working culture encouraging employees to interact and engage in the itinerary.

Explore the showmanship potential of different themes and subject styling to inspire your attendees.

An angled event space can be utilized to feature breakout rooms with interactive exhibits and entertaining demonstrations.


A big budget assumption,

Budgeting is a delicate balance for most event planning, but less brought to light is the value for your dollar. A non-traditional venue allows you the flexibility to cater to your events preferences and themes. Until you price it out, you might be surprised that being forward thinking might not cost any more than sprucing up a traditional facility. A space without an ‘event package’ could be the out of box solution to jump in on.

Apart from hosting your main event, consider a creative venue for accompanying sessions like receptions and exclusive meetings with high profile clients. Seize the opportunity to position your business as a modern company continuously breaking the mould with impactful messages, information and a novel experience.

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